Yellow Calcite Healing Properties

Yellow Calcite is a wonderful gemstone that has an uplifting and empowering effect. Watch my video to learn more about yellow calcite's healing benefits!

Crystals For Money and Prosperity

Watch my video to learn how to heal your finances and attract prosperity into your life using crystals. 

Are You An Empath or Sensitive to Other People's Energy?

Are you an empath? Or are you a sensitive person that seems to absorb or become affected by other people's negative vibes, stress states and bad moods? Do you seem to take on the energies and emotions of other people and become moody yourself? Does this sound familiar? For myself, I am empath and in the past I have been affected by other people's emotions and when in the presence of someone who was feeling sad or upset, I would often feel their emotions which would linger for hours even when I was no longer in their presence. I didn't like feeling this way and I had a hard time shaking off their bad moods in order to feel like myself again. This is when I started working with amethyst crystal. One day, I discovered that working with amethyst crystal was amazing for cleansing the stress and emotions from other people that was negatively affecting me. Not only that, amethyst was a wonderful crystal that helped to heal any vulnerabilities that I had that made me susceptible to being affected by other people's negative vibes in the first place. When working with amethyst crystal, I would feel safe and protected. Other people's vibes weren't affecting me anymore and my own vibration remained in a high and positive state. If you have had a similar experience of taking on the energies of other people, I am teaching a live an interactive online crystal healing class on this very topic: Psychic Protection For Sensitive People With Amethyst on March 12.

Crystal Healing: Creating A Relaxing Space with Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are wonderful tools that can help to create a relaxing and soothing environment. If you have been feeling stressed out then here's how you can create a relaxing sanctuary using crystals. Some crystals to choose from are:

  • rose quartz - a soothing crystal to clear stress and upset and brings a positive, sweet, loving and high vibration to a room that creates a tranquil atmosphere
  • amethyst - a soothing crystal that helps to cleanse away the day's stresses and rejuvenate the spirit as it promotes peace and restfulness 
  • blue lace agate - a tranquil crystal that is both calming and centering. It helps to sooth nervous tension after a stressful day
  • smoky quartz - helps to cleanse stress and negativity and grounds your energy after a hectic day

How To Work With These Crystals:

You may wish to create a relaxing atmosphere with the crystals. Choose one type of crystal from the list above or you can work with a few of them. Choose the crystals that feel right for you to work with. Cleanse your crystals. Here is my video on how to cleanse crystals. Once your crystals are cleansed, you may wish to play soft music or light a candle to create a peaceful mood in the room. You can place the crystals around the candle and as the candle burns, it radiates light. The crystals will absorb this light and then radiate their healing and calming energies into the room thus creating a tranquil atmosphere. This is a simple yet powerful way to destress and I personally work with crystals in this way to create a soothing vibe in my home and it feels so good!



Rose Quartz Healing - Opening Your Heart To Love


Rose Quartz is one of my all-time favourite healing crystals. It has a gentle and soothing yet powerful healing energy. To attract love into our lives whether it is a love partnership or a friendship we need to start with ourselves. How open is your heart to love? How open is your heart to love yourself? How open is your heart to love others? When a betrayal has happened with a friend, loved one or love partner, it can lead to feelings of heartache and create an energetic scar on the heart making it hard to trust or love others. In the cases of betrayal or when a relationship has ended, it's easy to blame oneself and questions may arise such as: what did I do wrong? Or what could I have done differently? This sort of thinking can lead to blame, guilt, shame, and/or create low self worth. When this happens, the ability to trust and love openly can shut down also making it difficult to attract loving and healthy relationships. When the heart is holding this wounded vibration, it can attract unhealthy relationships that are matching the vibration of the wounded heart centre leading to more wounding. The good news is that rose quartz can help us to to shift the wounded vibration and strengthen the heart centre to heal from past heartache, upset, grief and betrayal. When the heart centre heals and strengthens, it holds a happier, brighter vibration and self love blossoms so that we can love ourselves and create and attract more healthy, loving relationships too. I am teaching a live and interactive online class on this very topic: Opening Your Heart to Love with Rose Quartz.

Clear Quartz Healing - A Gemstone for New Beginnings

Now that we have entered into the New Year, I have been working with clear quartz extensively this past week. Clear quartz is an amazing crystal that helps to clear the past whether it's a past stressful event or obstacles that have hindered moving forward and achieving goals. Yes, clear quartz is a wonderful crystal for cleansing and clearing what no longer serves so that one's energy can be freed up to create and flow forward in life. No only that, when used in an appropriate way, clear quartz can be programmed to amplify one's intentions so that manifestation power is activated to make those positive intentions a reality. This is a very powerful healing practice as it has made a huge difference in my life. If you want to experience this too, I am teaching a live and interactive online crystal class on this very topic.

Crystal Healing Class: Carnelian Gemstone

Today I taught a crystal healing class to a group of amazing students in Vancouver. I taught an online version of this class last month that was an incredible class as well. We had a great time cleansing fears and limiting beliefs that can sabotage success. We worked with carnelian to boost confidence and courage to achieve and fulfill our wishes. Working with carnelian helped to boost motivation, vitality and energy to be able to take action and get things done to transform our lives for the better. I practice these techniques on a regular basis to create what I want and to improve my life dramatically. And I have a lot of fun doing so! 

Rainbow Obsidian: A Rescue Remedy Gemstone

Today, I am drawn to write about rainbow obsidian. This is a wonderful addition to your crystal collection. When bright light shines on this dark obsidian, rainbows appear! Rainbow obsidian is an amazing gemstone that helps to absorb negative energy and stress states to help uplift you to be brighter and more joyful. It also helps to release the ill effects of negative psychic attack and helps to release old energy hooks or chording with other people that have caused you upset and/or heartache. Rainbow obsidian is like "rescue remedy" for the heart and spirit and will help to bring comfort in times of emotional stress and shock. This is a very protective gemstone that cushions you from the harshness of others and helps you to be bright even when dealing with challenging people.

The Latest Addition To My Crystal Collection

Today I picked up a piece of blue-white hemimorphite. This is such a beautiful gemstone. This stone teaches us that we have the power to create our own reality through our thoughts and to be mindful of what we actually want to create rather than "going-along-for-the ride". This way we take responsibility for creating our happiness and shift our vibration out of dis-ease into a higher state of joy.