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Online Crystal Healing Classes

Do you Love Crystals?

Does the shimmering beauty of crystals catch your eye? Have you ever had a knowing or felt sense that there was more to crystals other than being objects of great beauty? For thousands of years, people in ancient cultures across the globe revered crystals and gemstones for their healing powers. It was believed that healing crystals could improve health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You can read more about crystal healing lore here.

Master crystal healing teacher Christa Lynn has developed crystal healing classes to help you learn how to unlock the healing potential of crystals. Christa offers online crystal healing classes as well as in-person crystal classes in Vancouver, Canada.

What Is Special And Unique To christa's Online Crystal classes?

Through video conferencing, students in these live & interactive online crystal classes will be able to see each other, talk to one another and interact with the instructor, Christa Lynn. When you join the class, you have a wonderful opportunity to make new friends from around the world as you learn how to work with crystals for healing. Empower yourself with crystal healing, make new crystal buddies and let the magic unfold!

You will need a computer or mobile device (ipad, tablet, smartphone) with a built in video camera (or a webcam), an internet connection and your own crystal that is featured in the class.

What Students are saying about the online crystal classes

"These live crystal classes are the best classes ever! I really enjoy learning crystal healing from Christa because she is so knowledgeable in crystal healing. I have learned so much from her and have experienced wonderful healing with crystals. It's fun to see and intact with other students from around the globe and the group energy is amazing! Thank you Christa." ~L.E. Crystal Student

"Having everyone in the class from around the world was so fun. To be able to see and talk with other students and share the healing experiences that we had in the online crystal class was truly a gift. I learned so many useful techniques in this class to heal myself and Christa is a lovely teacher." ~F.N. Crystal Student

"Interacting through live video with everyone and having every student's input about their transformative experiences in the class was wonderful. Christa's expert guidance as a teacher was wonderful for me as I learned valuable ways to work with crystals to heal myself." ~A.J. Crystal Student

"It was amazing to see and connect with other students through video and I felt I felt very supported by the group and Christa as a beautiful guide leading us through crystal healing. Having a group of students to connect to helped me to go further into crystal healing and work with my crystals in a deeper way. Thank you!" ~C.A. Crystal Student

"Thank you so much for this great experience of crystal healing and bringing students together from other cities to see and talk to each other over video as we learned about crystal healing. This was my first experience of a live online class and it was so great and went way beyond my expectations. Christa is a gifted teacher and I learned so much from her about crystal healing. I can't wait to take more of her classes!" ~N.H. Crystal Student

ONline crystal Healing classes

Online courses are fun and experiential. Through the magic of video conferencing (Mac, Windows, iOS or Android) you'll be able to see and interact with Christa Lynn and everyone else in the course. The goal is to create the experience of a live, in-person event, even though many of us will be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

two-day Intensive crystal HEALING CLASS in vancouver, Canada

In this in-depth and practical hands-on crystal therapy class, you will learn how to use crystals for healing as a self healing tool, healing for other people and for manifestation of goals or intentions. This class includes a crystal healing kit (52 gemstones, crystal wand and pendulum), a detailed course manual, crystal grid templates and hands-on practice in a small group.