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Crystal Healing Lore

How People of Ancient Cultures Worked with Crystals

Here is some interesting crystal healing lore. Some of this lore is based on fact and some is based on theory and myth. Nonetheless, it's very intriguing to think about how people around the world worked with crystals and gems for healing. Here is a sampling of that captivating lore...


Women used to work with spindles made from amber so that when spinning thread, it was believed that the protective healing power of amber would be spun into the thread. When making clothing from thread infused with the protective power of amber, it was thought that the the garments worn by husbands and sons would protect them in travels and battle.


The Romans used to wear rings made from peridot to ensure a restful sleep free from nightmares and other "disturbances" that would lead to night terrors. They also wore rings made of red carnelian to offer protection and ensure good luck. Another gemstone, Imperial topaz was worked with to heal eye problems. Amethyst was also a crystal that was believed to cure headache, hangover, insomnia and addiction.


Jade was considered a gemstone to bring good luck, increase vitality and promote longevity. Jade was considered a gemstone that contained Qi or life force essence that would promote good health to the person wearing jade and also to heal/recover from illness.

Mexico & Central America

Jadeite (a form of jade) was prized by these indigenous people and carved into masks to honour various deities. Pieces of jadeite were also thrown into water wells as an offering to the water spirits to ensure a continuous flow of fresh, clean water for drinking. Another gemstone called crazy lace agate was associated with Mexican fiestas and was considered a stone of happiness, brightness and laughter. It was thought to help lift a dark mood and to help a person lighten up and have a good time.


In Africa, botswana agate was incorporated into fertility ceremonies to ensure strong conception and birth of healthy babies. It was also known as the 'sunset stone' since it holds the light of the sun and was thought to help people when feeling lonely especially during the dark of night.


Traditionally, turquoise was valued as a stone of wisdom, nobility and immortality. It was also said to aid good luck, bring success and good fortune. Another gemstone that was worn was golden tiger's eye which was thought to help protect the wearer from all adversity. 


Tree agates were often buried in farmer's fields to protect the crop from flood or drought or other adversities and to ensure a bountiful harvest.