Crystal Healing Class Testimonials

What People are Saying About Christa's Classes

Absolutely Magical Class

“The crystal Healing Class was absolutely magical! I learnt so much and Christa's way of teaching was easy and fun. Highly recommend to anyone.” -Crystal Healing Student


"A huge thank you to Christa for all the powerful healing she does and the incredible workshops she teaches. I just finished the Crystal Therapy workshop weekend and am excited to now have these healing techniques to help my friends and family. She is a compassionate and patient teacher, with vast knowledge and experience in Crystal Healing. I am excited to take more of Christa’s workshops in the future! LOVE!" -Crystal Healing Student

Christa is a Gifted Teacher

“Christa is exceptionally gifted with the ability to convey this somewhat complicated information in a manner that is easy to understand, makes sense and is easy to remember. This knowledge sticks with me”. -Crystal Healing Student

Learned Many New Things about Crystals

“Very interesting and a great learning experience! I have learned so many new things about crystals. Thank you!” -Crystal Healing Student

Opened Another Door in my Journey

“This Crystal Course opened another door for me in my journey in energy work. Thank you Christa!” -Crystal Healing Student

Worth the Wait

“I've never taken a crystal class before and I'm so glad I waited to go to Christa'a class. I love her teaching method and feel grateful to have this course taught by someone who has so much knowledge about so many areas of crystal healing. I feel fulfilled with the the information I received." -Shalena, a Crystal Healing Student