crystal healing

Selenite Healing Benefits

Watch my video to learn more about the healing benefits of selenite gemstone.

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Watch my video to learn about the many healing benefits of black tourmaline gemstone.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Watch my video to learn about the many healing benefits of amethyst Crystal.

Yellow Calcite Healing Properties

Yellow Calcite is a wonderful gemstone that has an uplifting and empowering effect. Watch my video to learn more about yellow calcite's healing benefits!

Crystals For Money and Prosperity

Watch my video to learn how to heal your finances and attract prosperity into your life using crystals. 

Rainbow Obsidian: A Rescue Remedy Gemstone

Today, I am drawn to write about rainbow obsidian. This is a wonderful addition to your crystal collection. When bright light shines on this dark obsidian, rainbows appear! Rainbow obsidian is an amazing gemstone that helps to absorb negative energy and stress states to help uplift you to be brighter and more joyful. It also helps to release the ill effects of negative psychic attack and helps to release old energy hooks or chording with other people that have caused you upset and/or heartache. Rainbow obsidian is like "rescue remedy" for the heart and spirit and will help to bring comfort in times of emotional stress and shock. This is a very protective gemstone that cushions you from the harshness of others and helps you to be bright even when dealing with challenging people.

The Latest Addition To My Crystal Collection

Today I picked up a piece of blue-white hemimorphite. This is such a beautiful gemstone. This stone teaches us that we have the power to create our own reality through our thoughts and to be mindful of what we actually want to create rather than "going-along-for-the ride". This way we take responsibility for creating our happiness and shift our vibration out of dis-ease into a higher state of joy.