Crystal Healing: Creating A Relaxing Space with Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are wonderful tools that can help to create a relaxing and soothing environment. If you have been feeling stressed out then here's how you can create a relaxing sanctuary using crystals. Some crystals to choose from are:

  • rose quartz - a soothing crystal to clear stress and upset and brings a positive, sweet, loving and high vibration to a room that creates a tranquil atmosphere
  • amethyst - a soothing crystal that helps to cleanse away the day's stresses and rejuvenate the spirit as it promotes peace and restfulness 
  • blue lace agate - a tranquil crystal that is both calming and centering. It helps to sooth nervous tension after a stressful day
  • smoky quartz - helps to cleanse stress and negativity and grounds your energy after a hectic day

How To Work With These Crystals:

You may wish to create a relaxing atmosphere with the crystals. Choose one type of crystal from the list above or you can work with a few of them. Choose the crystals that feel right for you to work with. Cleanse your crystals. Here is my video on how to cleanse crystals. Once your crystals are cleansed, you may wish to play soft music or light a candle to create a peaceful mood in the room. You can place the crystals around the candle and as the candle burns, it radiates light. The crystals will absorb this light and then radiate their healing and calming energies into the room thus creating a tranquil atmosphere. This is a simple yet powerful way to destress and I personally work with crystals in this way to create a soothing vibe in my home and it feels so good!