Are You An Empath or Sensitive to Other People's Energy?

Are you an empath? Or are you a sensitive person that seems to absorb or become affected by other people's negative vibes, stress states and bad moods? Do you seem to take on the energies and emotions of other people and become moody yourself? Does this sound familiar? For myself, I am empath and in the past I have been affected by other people's emotions and when in the presence of someone who was feeling sad or upset, I would often feel their emotions which would linger for hours even when I was no longer in their presence. I didn't like feeling this way and I had a hard time shaking off their bad moods in order to feel like myself again. This is when I started working with amethyst crystal. One day, I discovered that working with amethyst crystal was amazing for cleansing the stress and emotions from other people that was negatively affecting me. Not only that, amethyst was a wonderful crystal that helped to heal any vulnerabilities that I had that made me susceptible to being affected by other people's negative vibes in the first place. When working with amethyst crystal, I would feel safe and protected. Other people's vibes weren't affecting me anymore and my own vibration remained in a high and positive state. If you have had a similar experience of taking on the energies of other people, I am teaching a live an interactive online crystal healing class on this very topic: Psychic Protection For Sensitive People With Amethyst on March 12.