crystals for grief

Rose Quartz Healing - Opening Your Heart To Love


Rose Quartz is one of my all-time favourite healing crystals. It has a gentle and soothing yet powerful healing energy. To attract love into our lives whether it is a love partnership or a friendship we need to start with ourselves. How open is your heart to love? How open is your heart to love yourself? How open is your heart to love others? When a betrayal has happened with a friend, loved one or love partner, it can lead to feelings of heartache and create an energetic scar on the heart making it hard to trust or love others. In the cases of betrayal or when a relationship has ended, it's easy to blame oneself and questions may arise such as: what did I do wrong? Or what could I have done differently? This sort of thinking can lead to blame, guilt, shame, and/or create low self worth. When this happens, the ability to trust and love openly can shut down also making it difficult to attract loving and healthy relationships. When the heart is holding this wounded vibration, it can attract unhealthy relationships that are matching the vibration of the wounded heart centre leading to more wounding. The good news is that rose quartz can help us to to shift the wounded vibration and strengthen the heart centre to heal from past heartache, upset, grief and betrayal. When the heart centre heals and strengthens, it holds a happier, brighter vibration and self love blossoms so that we can love ourselves and create and attract more healthy, loving relationships too. I am teaching a live and interactive online class on this very topic: Opening Your Heart to Love with Rose Quartz.